Welcome to Faculty of Engineering campus, welcome to the integrity zone.
Faculty of Engineering Lambung Mangkurat University is committed to building an Integrity Zone
towards a Corruption Free Area and a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area.


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Faculty of Engineering information and announcements.
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FT Services: 

The Faculty of Engineering provides online services which are developed and implemented referring to the implementation of the values of being active, efficient, polite, innovative and skilled or GESIT serving. Services are grouped into FT e-Services, FT Command Center, FT e-Response, FT e-Commerce, and FT e-Office services. External public services have been stated in Public Service Announcement and accompanied by documents Public Service Standards. The number of services continues to increase over time. Complete services can be explored on the page Service.

The Enterprising One

Public Service Innovation
FT e-Services

The Efficient

Information Systems Innovation
Performance Achievements
FT Command Center

The Polite

Information Service Innovation
and Complaints
FT e-Response

The Innovative

Commercial Service Innovation
Intellectual Work
FT eCommerce

The Skillful

Office System Innovation
FT e-Office


Faculty news and activities, from news contributor academic community of the Faculty of Engineering.
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Social media

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Faculty collaboration partners in the fields of education, research, service, and human resource and infrastructure development.


Detailed faculty statistical data can be visited on the statistics page Service, Lecturer, Graduate of, Service Satisfaction Index
And Absorption budget. Performance data website can be seen on the page Dashboard.